How to prepare your child for a digital future

We live in a digital world where technology is transforming all aspects of our everyday life.

As a result, younger generations are spending more time online and using digital devices to play, socialise and learn. Digital technology has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for today’s kids. 

Let’s delve deeper into digital skills and how to get started in preparing your child for a digital future. 

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are abilities that help us use digital technology to access and manage information. This includes using devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets to create and share information, collaborate and solve problems. 

According to UNESCO, “entry-level digital skills, meaning basic functional skills required to make basic use of digital devices and online applications, are widely considered a critical component of a new set of literacy skills in the digital era, with traditional reading, writing, and numeracy skills.”

It’s clear just how valuable and essential digital skills are in modern life. By harnessing technology to learn, your child can access a wider range of opportunities. 

Introduce technology as a learning tool

Technology brings with it both challenges and benefits. With kids growing up in an online world surrounded by screens, it’s okay to worry about the impact or how to better manage screen use. But, like everything in life, it’s how that matters. 

Instead of restricting digital screens, try to introduce technology  as a learning tool. If your child notices that you use your own digital devices to learn, they are likely to do the same. 

Encourage your child to always be curious

Young children are in a constant state of discovery, always trying to understand how the world works. It’s this innate curiosity that drives creative thinking and the development of critical cognitive skills. Technology can be an incredibly effective way to feed their curiosity and build a lifelong love of learning. 

No child should be held back from reaching their full potential.  With the right technology and educational apps, children can discover new ways to learn and gain digital skills that are necessary for now and in the future. 

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