How to boost your child’s education at home

A child’s interest in learning impacts  how well they do in school and later in adulthood.  A positive and safe environment where your child feels encouraged to learn after school and in their free time is key to growing a lifelong love of learning.  

While extracurricular activities are important, they can be expensive and difficult to manage as a working parent. Thankfully, there are many easy and fun ways to give your child the extra support they need. 

Educational games and apps designed for smartphones are a powerful way to help your child access quality learning opportunities from anywhere, and at any time. 

Let’s explore the benefits of using educational apps to learn at home and how to get started.

Encourage independent learning

Great learning apps empower kids to take charge of their own learning. This independence helps build motivation and confidence throughout their learning journey. 

Remember, quality educational apps don’t mean no guidance or support.  Always encourage kids to ask for help when they need it and to share what they’ve learned with an adult.

Quality education without the cost

We believe that children everywhere, no matter their age or situation, should have access to educational resources. This is why our high-quality educational apps and digital books are completely free to download and require no internet connection or data to play. In fact, just 22 hours of playing our literacy app is equal to two months of literacy classes at a great school.

Available to everyone, at any time

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the world, great educational apps can be used by anyone with a smartphone or tablet. This makes educational apps accessible from home and allows children to not only gain key literacy skills but also have fun while doing so.

Remember that you don’t need to do this all on your own. With the help of the right tools and educational apps, your child can learn safely at home and gain key literacy skills for a successful future. 

22 hours of playing our literacy app is equal to two months of literacy classes at a great school.

Download our ‘Feed the Monster’ now and learn from home. It’s also free and requires no data or internet connection to play.

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